NIEUWE CURSUS VOOR DE GEVORDERDEN Voorbereiding NT2 , Programma II (niveau B2).
We beginnen op 23 maart. De lessen zijn op maandag en op woensdag van 19 tot 21 uur. 8 weken lang in de groep van 4 tot 7 cursisten. Het cursusgeld is 460 EUR inclusief materiaal.

Kick start your Dutch in 5 weekends by building a strong base for your speaking and writing!
Course starts on the 11th of April with lessons on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 14:30 pm. 5 weeks study in a group of 4-7 students. Course fee is only 270EUR including study materials

Efficient, challenging but fun 2 week Dutch courses. To pave your way towards understanding what your Dutch colleague, neighbour or friend is saying. Engage into a simple conversation from day one. Passionate & enthousiastic teachers support your full immersion while also helping you build self-confidence when speaking outside the school. Join us for an Intensive Beginners Course from the 6th of April! Lessons are every weekday from 10 to 14:30h - 40 hours of teaching in 2 weeks. Groups of 4-7 students. Course fee is 500 EUR including all the study materials you need.

Top 5 reasons to choose
Dutch Courses Amsterdam!

Small groups and 99% of positive student feedback
Small groups are much more effective than large ones. The classes of Dutch Courses Amsterdam consist of 5-7 students. You will be guaranteed to receive enough personal attention and will have sufficient time to ask all your questions. And, last but not least, you will have enough time to (learn how to) speak Dutch! We are also very happy to receive so much positive feedback from our students. See their testimonials on top of the page or just come in to meet our teachers and see yourself!
Conversation lessons and clear explanation of the grammar
Speaking Dutch correctly (both in formal and informal settings) is only possible if you have a decent understanding of its grammar. This is why our courses are subdivided into a grammar part and a conversation part. Every day you will learn a new grammatical item which is immediately used during the conversation lesson.
Dutch, the correct way
At Dutch Courses Amsterdam, you are always taught the right order of the sentence as this is one of the major difficulties for non-native speakers. The classes are taught by specialist teachers who will help you speak correctly in a pleasant way without interrupting the flow of the conversation or disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. The end result is that you will be able to speak Dutch, the correct way.
Informal environment
Learning a language can be done everywhere, but Dutch Courses Amsterdam values an informal and relaxed environment. Nice class rooms and a beautiful garden provide you with excellent learning conditions. Coffee breaks and lunches make it even work better!
All levels, no extra cost for study materials
Dutch Courses Amsterdam offers Dutch classes at all levels. From beginners' level (A0) to experienced (B2, state exam level Dutch as a foreign language 1 and 2). Study materials are being carefully selected and prepared from various sources. They are easily understandable, fun and interesting to learn from. There is no ONE boring textbook!
Our policy is to have an intake interview with all students/participants who already speak a little bit of Dutch. In this interview we determine the level that suits you best in terms of what you want to learn and which skills you want to develop. The intake interview at Dutch Courses Amsterdam is free of charge and takes place at school. It can also take place over the phone/ Skype.
You can register/show interest for one of the courses using the form above. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate contacting us via email or phone. We will be more than happy to assist you in learning Dutch!
Address and getting there
Dutch Courses Amsterdam is located on the Baarsjesweg 298, 1058 AG, Amsterdam (end of the Overtoom, two minutes from Surinameplein). You can reach us easily by public transport. Trams 1 and 17 (from Central Station) and bus nr 15 (from Amsterdam South) are right around the corner. Tram 7 and bus nr 18 are at a 10 minute walk's distance. Please see the contact page for further details and a Google map.

Top 5 Dutch Courses
of Dutch Courses Amsterdam

Intensive Survival Dutch course for Beginners
Classes take place 10am-2pm every weekday. Total duration 2 weeks, 40 hours. Student should estimate around 2 hours more of self-study for every session. It is a challenging course requiring lots of efforts and dedication, but it certainly gives very good results enabling students understand and communicate in every day simple Dutch after only 2 weeks. Targeted level is A1. Your investment 500EUR.
Extensive (evening) course for Beginners/ Intermediates/ Advanced
Classes take place twice per week, 2 hour session each. Timing is different, but usually 7-9pm in the evening. This course suits working expats or full-time students who cannot attend intensive course, but want to learn and/or improve their Dutch. Students are expected to do an extra hour of self study for each lesson. Course duration 8 weeks, 32 hours. Targeted level A1, A2, B1 or B2, depending on initial knowledge and own progress. Your investment 460 EUR.
NT2 state exam training
We offer effective preparation for NT2 state exam (both 1 and 2). Prerequisite for the training is to have at least level B1. Aim of this  one day course is to get acquainted with the specifics of the exam as well as fill the gaps of missing knowledge/practise which is necessary to pass the exam with a good grade. We also offer help for registering for NT2.
Private lessons/ lessons via Skype
The intensity, timing and duration of such classes depend on the mutual agreement between student and the teacher. Programme is adapted to personal needs. Such type of teaching is oriented to occupied professionals or those living outside Amsterdam. Your investment 55 EUR per hour. In case of two participants, each pays 32,5 EUR per hour.
Corporate lessons/ Dutch for business matters
Our qualified teachers are experienced in giving corporate classes for in-company training on specific topics (e.g. meetings Dutch, Dutch for IT professionals, understanding specifics of contracting Dutch etc.) Please feel free to email your request and we will be happy to offer the best option for your company. Your investment 60-100 EUR per hour, depending on the number of students.
Distant learning via e-mail
We offer interesting lessons by email with videos and homework supervision for different matters: general beginners package, improving your writing skills, job application training. It is very convenient for those willing to study at their own speed and time. Distant learning can be easily combined with Skype lessons to practise conversational skills.

Short workshops
We organize 2 to 3 hour workshops for different topics that are actual for Expats seeking to practise their Dutch and gain important information about exams, job applications etc. We also run conversational club where members can join at any time - have different debates in Dutch and meet new people. Follow the news for a monthly timetable of our workshops.
All our prices are inclusive of all study materials, coffee breaks, self-study supervision and a certificate of achievement.